BenQ 1620 its good for duplicator?

Hi guys…

I need a duplicator with 5 to 7 devices and i thinking in the burners i should use…

BenQ 1620 – $43
NEC3520 - $65
Pioneer 109 - $67

I thinking in the BenQ 1620 because low cost and its good wrinting quality , but seeing some topics people with 1620 dies in 2weeks , 3weeks … now i dont if this 1620 its good for burn in mass

Anyone help me

or BenQ 1640. :slight_smile:

Latest BenQ model, a robust and troublefree DVDRW.

Here don´t have a BenQ1640 yet :frowning:

A duplicator its a good idea for me , but my PC P4 2.8ghz + 512mb DDR400 + P4P800 Deluxe + 200GB SATA Seagate + 80GB MAXTOR if a put 4 drives its possible burn 4dvd in the same time ?? or i will need more memory

Go with the BenQ

Thx! guys i decided for BenQ1620!!!

but one more question, i thinking in put 4 benq 1620 in my pc , its a good choice ? or i will need more memory , processor or something else for burn 4 dvds in a one time