BENQ 1620 - Incorrect Function Error while trying to read DVD-R or DVD + R


I have a BENQ 1620 Bulk drive with G7P9 firmware. It originally had G7C9 which I then upgraded to G7P9. When I had G7C9, the drive was giving Incorrect Function error when I try to open any blank DVD-R/+R disc with it. It doesn’t recognize any DVDs which I burnt using it, but plays original movie DVDs.

Please advise.


So what your saying is that since you upgraded to G7P9 your drive is working fine?

Surely you have answered your own question. The G7C9 firmware was probably incompatible with your system.

I would recommend cross-flashing to the B series firmware B7W9 or B7V9. An explanation on how to do this is in the BenQ FAQ on this forum.

No. Even after upgrading to G7P9 the problem still exists. I shall try crossflashing.

What would accessing/opening a BLANK DVD media give you??

Sounds like either an incompatable IDE driver or external case.

Try removing any IDE drivers you have installed and roll back to standard Microsoft ones.

It fives incorrect function to even blank CD-Rs.

I didn’t install any drivers. It uses Microsoft Drivers only.

It fives incorrect function to even blank CD-Rs.

Dude, opening an empty box will give you… exactly nothing. It’s the same with blank cd-rs and dvdrs, there’s nothing on it so it complains. Better try burning something on it first. :slight_smile:


Dude, Qyngali i too have the same problem. My program burns my dvds, and U can see where the dvd got burned, and when i reload it back into the same burner, “IT TELL ME [is not accessible Incorrect function]”. But i have the BenQ DVD DD DW1625 and i do have the latest updates :doh: in stalled on burner. And i too would like some help. My programs are 1 ClickDVDCopy and Copy to DVD. :iagree: