Benq 1620 Horrible scans. Any advice?

I just picked this drive up from newegg. I’m thinking I need to return it.

Any suggestions on what to try. I did create data disc in cd-dvd speed. I have verified the media is authentic tyg02. So frustrating.

if it’s genuine ty, this is truly disappointing ! but there’s so much fake tyg02 flooding the market… you might have gotten a bad batch (highly unlikely, if it’s ty), or the burner might have a defect. have you tried another disc and/or other types of media ?


try flashing firmware to a T9 or a U9…

I have verified the media. Bought from rima and has the GG code. I will try flashing to T9 or U9. I used to have a pioneer 106 which stopped reading discs all together, grr. I tested some burns from that (I know this is taboo) but the scans were no where near as bad as this. I’ll try some riteks tomorrow when I get them from my roomate.

Any chance I can get newegg to take the return or do I need to RMA straight to Benq?

same media, changed firmware. Quick question, why did it burn at 16x this time instead of 8x the first time. Is there a setting in cd-dvd speed or did the firmware tell it to do this?

There is a setting to change the writing speed in CD DVD Speed (Options, Standard tests). If you set it to maximum (or to a speed the firmware does not support) the firmware limitations decide at what speed the burn takes place.

From the BenQ FAQ sticky:

Q: Do I need to flash B7L9 first before switching to another firmware version?
A: Possibly not between firmware flashes but if your results are not as good as you would have expected, then try flashing back to B7L9, power off, and then returning to your current firmware. It could make a difference.

Just, FYI … flashing to B7L9 and rebooting 2x between firmware upgrades actually improved my burn quality. I don’t exactly understand how / why this helps, but I just know i get much better results this way. ( I typically switch between B7U9 and B7V9 because of different media doing better with certain firmwares … a pain, but worth the better scans :slight_smile: ).

Good luck with your burner. Hope you get it squared away.

Also, a quick note … you may want to examine the burning surface of your blanks before you burn (and the drive tray as well). Any large particles / dust can contribute. I once had a small little crumb of a peanut in my drive tray somehow. And, I thought my drive was going dead because I was getting HUGE PIE/PIF counts. After, dusting off thoroughly with compressed air, everything was fine. << looks for wood to knock on >>

can you burn any other media OK?

well, I just flashed to b7l9 and had multiple crashes on reboot. Freezing on windows xp loading screen or when gets to the desktop “generic host adapter” would crash and be forced to close. Looks like I’ll be rma’ing this pile of crap. I can’t believe this. Had to completely disable the secondary channel to get windows to boot.

@jeffs471 Did you flash in Safe Mode and are you using STD MS IDE drivers. I flashed my brothers benQ on his machine (not knowing he had reinstalled nVidia IDE drivers) and had the same results you did. Once the MS drivers were installed and all woked well.
Flashed three drives with B7L9 and back to B7V9 like ninbang suggested and all give stellar results.