BenQ 1620 having problems burning RitekG04

I’m having problems burning RitekG04s with one of my Benq 1620’s

I don’t know what’s up but the burns are totally garbage.

I’m using B7T9 Speedpatch.
I haven’t changed the strategy or anything for it.
This was burnt at 4x.
I have flashed to B7L9 back to B7T9 and I have also tried B7L9 to B7U9 but i get similar results.

RiTEKG04 media can vary in quality…

Why not try a write strategy change in ala42´s MCSE utility to RiTEKG05 or-06.

Mine Maxell and also noname RiTEKG04 burn nice at 8x with RiTEKG05 write strategy. :wink:

Well I gave the G04 -> G05 at 8x at go.
Here are the results… better but… not really i guess?