Benq 1620 fw for -R


To expert people…

-What is, for Benq 1620, the best firmware for -R disc??

-For a same mediacode disc, are different the write strtaegy among firmwares??..for examples, the write strategy for TYG01 in B7V9 fw, is the same as B7U9 or B7P9??? or may be an improvement in the last fw…

I’ve burned few disc with 1620 to know that. I used till now Pio burners (105 and 109) so the question.
I’ve a lot of -R disc (TY 4x, Verbatim MCC 4x), so I’d like to know what is the best fw and write strategy to burn these discs

Thanks in advance

I have my best results with MCC02RG20 with B7T9 so if my batch is used I will buy only +R for my BenQ!

Im finding B7V9 is better than any other firmware I’ve tried for most -R media. Improvements on Ritek, CMC and Prodisc media in particular have resulted in me now being able to use some spools of media that were previously only fit for doorstops! :wink:

The only worthwhile -R strategy swap I’ve found is to replace the RitekG05 one with TYG02, this reduced PI rates by 70-80% and PIF rates by 30-50% on average! :eek: YMMV of course.

With B7V9 B7U9 will only burn MCC02RG20 at 8x (can choose 12x) and the result is worse than with B7T9 at 12x.

I have finally settled on B7V9 for -R on my Benq 1620 Pro - great on CMC and Ritek but also had excellent results on B7U9.

Never been able to get a good example of that media myself, only ones I got are defective media which has the same faults past the 2.5/3GB area as a batch of MCC003 media I have. I’ll check it as it should burn the 1st 2/3 of the disk ok (atleast it did with B7T9/B7U9, not tried B7V9).

I don’t have 4x media anymore, but from my limited -R tests (MCC03RG20, TYG02, SONY08D1, MCC02RG20, PRODISCF01, MXLRG03, CMCMAGAE1, FUJIFILM03, TTG02) I see no difference from P9, T9, U9, and V9. So I settle with B7V9. :slight_smile: