Benq 1620 frozen in external closure



I tried to search but could not find the answer. I use a Benq OEM flashed to 1620 in external plumax case. When I tried to burn a DVD using nero video express the drive hang up (flash orange). I couldn’t close the software so I used Task Manager closed the software and turned off the power of the drive. The problem is when the drive was turned back on it always flashed organe. I tried to hook it up to another computer and it wont’ be reconginzed correctly and giving a code 10 in the hardware manager profile. I have tried to turn the drive on and off with restarting the computer but it didn’t work. What can I do to bring it back to work?

Somehow I believe it is a problem of the enclosure because when it is turned on only the flash light of the enclosure will flash organe, nothing happens to the flash on the drive itself.


If your enclosure has a prolific chip try reading this thread on updating the firmware for the encloseure itself which could solve some of the problems your having.


Thanks for answering my question. The problem was solved by taking the drive out and putting it back again. Now the lights on the drive flashes. Yes it is using a prolific chipset but I dont’ know the specific model number. I will try to flash it to the external version and see what happens.


Finally i got it to work. Flashed to 47L9 using winflash and burned a DVD. The burst rate is 19, the same as using B7T9 before. The enclosure is a prolific 2507c v1.0. I could not find the most recent firmware from their support website. Obviously they are not distributing updated firmware versions, including the most recent v1.3. Anyone can help me find one? Thanks a lot.