BenQ 1620 freaked out

Okay, this is a weird situation. I was using Nero and wanted to see if using different burning software would change the quality of the disc. So I decided to use Sonic RecordNow 7.21 and noticed a change in quality. So I decided to burn a DVD+R ProDisc-R03-03 at 8x w/Nero 6.6.03 and it’s taking forever. After like 10 minutes of it “finishing up” I try to shut down Nero. No avail. I try everything I can do get it to stop burning. So the only thing I am left to do is to shut down the computer with the power button. So I do that. Next thing I know my CMOS is completly cleared and I have to reset everything.

Now when I am burning I get worse results than I have had before. I’ve tried everything. Flashing firmware to the G7’s. Using CVT or the supplied EXE from BenQ. I even flashed it with the B7L9 in Safe Mode and reflashing it to B7P9/B7T9. Now most of my burns are decent quality, 92-97. But anytime I use a ProDisc-R03-03, I get some horrible results, either an extremly high PIE with a huge spike at the end and what not.

I’m thinking of just sending back the ProDisc-R03-03s and getting a refund with their 30 day gaurantee and maybe trying something else. Or should I just exchange my drive because it’s defective?

i have a 99 score on those Prodisc with eproformance from 8x at 12 x

Sounds like bad media/bad batch. Return it/replace it. Don’t know your vendor, so don’t know what to recommend as replacement.
I have good results:
Yuden T02
MCC 003
MCC 004
Ritek R03
to name a few. I burn at best quality speed, not fastest.
12X on MCC 003 & MCC 004 got me this (both burned on extenal BenQ DW1620>EW1621 now at 47L9:

I have burned a few discs with these ProDisc-R03-03s that I got from SuperMediaStore and have gotten extremly good results before this incident. I just burned a FujiFilm DVD-R ProDiscF01 at 8X and when I went to scan it, it crapped out at the half-way mark. I’m thinking it’s the dvd burner from my little incident. I’m going to have it replaced this next week, NewEgg is pretty good on that issue.

Where do you get your MCC04s?

Thank you very much for you fast results. I really appreciate this.