Benq 1620 for 50$ after rebate at circuit city

I know newegg is cheaper but for those of you that like to shop locally, circuit city has the benq 1620 for 80$ - 30$ rabates = 50$
Fyi if anyone starts a new thread in the future on sat, feel free to post to a scan link in the tomorows sales (or tomorows ad’s this week, lol). I just though of doing it. Just cut and paste the link for the page.

hahaha, Ripit, you must be a “shopcaholic”, thanks for all your hardwork

not only the 1620 but 1640 as well!!!

External EW162 also $100… @ CC…

Where the 1640 ???

The ad is for the DW1620 and the EW162I !!!

Just got back from CC. They do have the DW1640 in stock in the store for $79.99…

I saw it also at Circuit City in N.J. for 79.99 but NewEgg will have for less than 50 in a week. I dont need the software or the ide cable or the box. That extra 30 bucks can buy alot of media.