Benq 1620 for $42.99 US @

Just spotted this on FatWallet

BenQ 16X/4X/16X DVD+RW / DVD-RW and 40X/24X/40X CD-RW Internal EIDE Double Layer Drive for $42.99 after $10rebate/$5instant rebat at shipped free - looks like its retail


Christ! They’re going nuts. I’ve got no place left to put them. How well do they keep in the freezer?

I’ll let you know, I just ordered ANOTHER one, and I just received a new one Wednesday. Somebody please help me…

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can you send me one? i’ll send you some Verbatim MCC004 for it? :wink:

Every time the Fedex truck pulls up my wife gives me that “look”. She doesn’t know much about online shopping but she knows Newegg, Chief Value and ZipZoomFly.
I think I’ll try the freezer trick and if it doesn’t succeed I’ll send you the defrosted test drive.

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i’ve got a HD in the freezer right now, trying last ditch attempts to recover some digi photos before i RMA it.

Have you tried SpinRite, it’s amazing what it can do.
The Ultimate Hard Drive Recovery Tool.

does it work even if the SATA controller BIOS doesn’t recognize the drive? it’s a servo issue, not corrupt data or anything.

I would doubt it then. Problems involving servos or voice coil positioners are nigh on impossible to fix. I have seen some that would work on occasion with a sharp whack to free them up, but you could never tell where it would end up. It’s worth looking at the link for info.

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already gave it a whack (several actually) to no avail…:frowning:

Then the solution is obvious…get a bigger hammer.

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Just gotta love Newegg. Ordered at 12:55 PM PST and the order shipped at 5:45 PM PST. That’s why they get my business. Now to figure which freezer to put it in…

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Looks like the $10 off is gone, only $5 and selling at $54 after the $5 off…not as good of a deal now.