Benq 1620 Firmware

sorry i am a newbie to firmware flashing and what not

i just recently bought an oem benq 1620 and it says i have the firmware G7H9

does anyone know where i can find the latest firmware for my model and how to install it?

i have never done it before. Thank you from a newbie person

sorry i meant it’s G7M9 that’s the firmware i have right now…the OEM release

that’s the one i have., how can i change it to retail firmware so it can support 4x DL burn

search the forum for the cross-flash procedure. You may want to upgrade to the latest firmware first and make sure everything is working well. Cross-flashing will void your warranty. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

i searched but i am not able to find anything

maybe i am not searching correctly do u have a link, sorry

Have a look at the sticky threads of this forum and take the one which has firmware in the thread title.

try here

i saw someone post this in one of the threads??
seems like step 1 is dead…anyone have a link for an updated one of that one?

and my FIRMWARE is G7M9 not the G7K9 does it really matter…hoepfully someone can send a link for step 1 a working one

@Qwest905 Good job with the search, unfortunately, that is an old method to crossflash. It can now be done in one step with WinDWflash.exe and the B7T9.CVT file fiound at as mentioned above
You’ll need winrar to extract the files.
Then boot in safe mode, make sure the drive is empty, open WinDWflash.exe, choose your BenQ drive, select the .cvt file and flash the drive…now be patient until it is done.
make sure you know the risks of what you are doing

haha already did it and it worked

is the only risk you are talking about is voiding the warranty???

No, sometimes (very rare) a flash doesn’t work properly. In that case, you can ask again for a remedy here. We had one case where someone was ready to throw his drive away, but he managed to repair it by first flashing back an older one and then the new one again. Normally, loss of warranty is the only danger. Just be sure to follow the rules (no disc in the drive, don’t use other software while flashing, don’t interrupt… you know…)

A stupid question: Why should I crossflash from OEM to Retail? Or do you mean “Rebagded” (“batched”? spelling?) with “OEM”, i.e. drives not sold as BenQ? Therefore a Benq drive (bulk) is not the same as a Benq “OEM”, am I right (really hope so)?

I just ordered a genuine BenQ DW1620 (bulk) and hope not to run into problems. Voiding warranty in Germany sucks because one has 2 years dealer warranty (and the Samsung TS-H552B I returned even had 3 years manufacturer warranty :o )

be able to have access to retail firmwares where you can burn dual layer at 4x and better burns on other media that wasn’t supported before

Hm I was on the BenQ web site and I got to admit, this sucks! Selling a drive as “BenQ” with the addition “Bulk” and requiring the user to use another firmware than the retail version appears to be a New Annoyance™ to me…

As I do not want to lose my 2 years of warranty, I´d like to know:

  • What are the differences between (bulk fw) G7M9 and (retail fw) B7M9? It cannot be the DVD+R DL writing speed which is 2.4x for both bulk and retail and 4x only for the DW1620PRO.

I guess I will cancel my order of the DW1620 tomorrow and order the Benq DW1620PRO as bulk instead - for the PRO, there are no different firmware versions for bulk vs retail listed on the BenQ website. As its just about 5$ more expensive, not a great loss.

Please help me - Is this the correct version?
BenQ DW1620 Pro grey bulk (99.B5C15.2F1)

I dont know what the b[/b] says, but the 1620 without “PRO” has “BenQ DW1620 bulk (99.B5C15.0F1)” or “BenQ DW1620 retail (99.B5C15.0F2)”. “pro retail” has “(99.B5C15.2F2)” and “pro black bulk” has “(99.B5C15.2F3)” Dont know whether this is a dealer internal code, but I dont think so because I saw them not only once…

Thanx in advance for help!