Benq 1620 European/US Firmware



Benq list B7P9 as the latest firmware on their US web site. On the European they list the same for the 1620 Pro and also a newer firmware B7T9. Benq Europe states the B7T9 changes the write strategy for DVD+R and DVD-R. Also it includes a Ricoh dual layer disk and adds support for CCCD. Why doesn’t the US web site list the newer firmware? Is it tailered for Europe? Why change the write strategy for a very good writer? It took Benq a while to get to P9. The 1620 Pro and 1620 are the same drive. In Europe and Asia they sell the upgraded 1620 as Pro. They state that the start firmware for the Pro is B7P9 and the B7T9 is the first upgrade. Anyone know what the deal is? Is the B7T9 the best Firmware?