BenQ 1620 Errors?



I’ve been having troubles recently with trying to burn a movie of a trip to China, I’ve tried SEVERAL programs, and with two different types of media, but the problem still persists. The DVD burning usually errors out and here is an attached Nero error log. Anyone know what the problem can be? Setup in general:

Amd A64 3000+ @ 2378mhz
512mb PC3200 Kingston
BenQ 1620 - I think I installed the most recent Firmware, and I did buy the drive from China BOXED.
Lite-on DVD-rom/CDRW
Radeon 9800 Pro AIW
120gb Seagate
20gb WD

Thanks in advanced!


Check the Nero forum (recording software) for “Frame out of. . .” errors.
Problem was Nero.

P.S. “Doctor! It hurts when I move my arm THIS way.” Doctor said: “So, don’t move your arm that way.” Seriously, though, I’ve oven had Nerovision to some crazy stuff, including getting stuck and powering off the computer. You may try exporting your custom movie into a dvd sized Mpeg 2 file OR a series of files/chapters. If you can export your digital video files into dvd compatible format, then you’re home free. I think the problem is that Nerovision can’t quite do it in just one step.
Next, get the [more compatible] files up and build menus with Nero Express. Taking this in two or more steps may help to keep Nero lockups down to a minimum.


This is EVERY program that I am using though, always errors out. And the file IS MPG2.


Seems to be no edit button? Either way, seems like its the media that is screwing me up, even burning at 2.4x, this BenQ media is just fussy, but this CompUSA media is somehow working perfectly fine, its +RW too.


Did your box come with software? Mine has winDVD Creator 2. Give it a try if you have it.