Benq 1620 DVD Writer question



IM trying to get it to read Memorex DVD-rw’s and it wont reconize them as full discs. Im recording from JVC DVD Recorder in Video Mode and finalizing them when finished. Im guessing I need some sort of upgrade or possibly new firmware but Benq support was very unhelpful. Can you guys help? The driver I have installed is G7V9.



The firmware that you have is what comes with the OEM drive. you could flash the drive with the retail firmware which is B7W9. But rahter than possibly trashing the drive your best bet is to use better quality media. Memorex is crap media. try using some verbatim. my 1620 absolutely loves verbatim media.


I doubt thats the answer


I don’t think it has anything to do with your 1620 or it’s firmware. It probably has to do with the way the JVC is finalizing the disc.


I dont think it is a firmwae issue either. it is far more likely a poor quality media issue. as I allready stated Memorex is poor quality media. and using a DVD-RW instead of DVD-R or DVD+R is probably also an issue. many people have trouble when using RW media.


The problem is the standalone and how it “manages” to write and finalize the content…


So is there anything that I can do?


Check the JVC manual, it should enlighten you.

And here:


Well the only reveiw written there was by me.