Benq 1620 DVD-RW media

I was wondering: None of my drives can read DVD-RW media. (NEC 1100A and a nondescript MSI drive)

We have a DVD recorder in the lounge and I wanted to be able to read/rip them onto the PC in some instances.

They’re Maxell 1-2x DVD-RW (yellow packaging, Ver 1.1 CPRM I believe).

Would the Benq read these discs? In all other cases it seems like a great, cheap, drive.

PS Possible to flash it across a Serillel 2 adaptor in XP??


To my experience BenQ 1620 don’t have any problem reading DVD-RW media. :wink:

I have no experience from CPRM protected media though.

Some members say Abit SATA to IDE adapter (v.2) is working with DVDRW drives.
If the drive is functioning on this adapter, then you will also be able to flash the drive.
You will know it for certain after you tried… :slight_smile:

Thank you!

That is what it boils down to really; trying it. I’m going to order the drive tomorrow (ominously, amount in stock went from 12 to 5 in 3 hours…Here’s hoping for a film-esque slow motion replay of me sending my order only for it to be taken by some bastard in Swansea!) after seeing if there’s any cheaper alternatives to Nero I could get first hand.

The discs don’t show up on a Sony D56 laptop drive. Does that bode ill? It says it is should be able to read DVD-RW too but misses the VOB (or any) files on it. (I’d love to know which drive my DVD recorder uses to read all 4 types!!) SO if it can’t read it would the Benq be unable to?

PS I have Ver1.1 without CPRM and they to don’t show up as having any content. Indeed, when inserted it still shows as “DVD-ROM”. Confusing given bitsetting isn’t possible on -RW!

Realised the media needed finalizing. I apologies for being THAT stupid!