BenQ 1620 DVD read problem

I’m a newbie here at dcfreaks but have come here several times to read the post and was able to solve whatever problem I had. You guys have a great site with very knowledgeable members. Thanks for all the past help and any help I can get with my current problem.
I just installed a new BenQ 1620 and have a problem reading DVD’s. It has read all the CD-R disk I’ve put in it but will not recognize any DVD media. After putting in an original DVD movie or any blank DVD disk, the disk will spin and the drive light will come on but then I get a “please insert a disk into drive E:”
I’m running windows XP and have the drive set as the master and my Sony dru-500a as the slave. I’ve updated the firmware to B7P9 but still haven’t had any luck. I’m beginning to think I have a bad drive.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Check cables and jumpers on Benq and Sony.
Check Bios, if everything correct(UDMA-on,Benq-master…).

Boot in safe mode:
In XP goto Control Panel > System > Device Manager
A. Check what DVD/CD system report
B. > Scan for hardware changes.
Check with movie
Update to B7L9(in safe mode) > reboot
Check with movie
If O.K. burn DVD, boot in safe mode update to B7P&T9
If in safe mode all O.K. and in normal not, you have software conflict.

If this don’t work good chance you have bad drive. Good luck :slight_smile: