BENQ 1620 drive left in car getting WARM!

Transporting a bare 1620 in the back of the car

had to leave it about 3hrs - when i returned the case was only very warm

cooled down pretty quick when i brought it in house

Q) Humour me but - have i knackered the drive with the heat even before i use it !

Mind you - in those conatiner ships from taiwan it must get all sorts of temps

next thing it’ll be , bring a cool box to the comp shop with you !



i guess it shouldn’t hurt it. have ya tried it?

found this on the benq site :-

Operating temperature: 5°C~45°C (41°F~113°F)
Operating humidity: 8%~80%
Non-operating temperature: -40°C~60°C (-40°F~140°F) <------
Non-operating humidity: 5%~95% RH

other people must have done this , on the way back from the shops etc.

I doubt a closed car would get above 140° F.
I’d bet the drive is OK.

The thing is not to get paranoid over a drive that costs less than 50 dollars. Get over it either it works or it doesnt. RMA it if you must.