Benq 1620: does it really burn DL media?


If my question has already been answered, please feel free to point me to the appropriate thread.

I’ve been using a Benq 1620 for a long time to burn single layer media and it’s been a real trouper. (I"ve flashed it with B7W9 firmware.) Now, I’d like to start burning Dual Layer media. My questions are:

  1. Will my 1620 burn Dual Layer media?

  2. If so, which brands of DL media does it seem to like best. (DL coasters are pretty costly.)

  3. If the 1620 is not a good DL burner, should I buy a more recent Benq model? If so, which one. (I see that there are good deals on 1655’s.)

  4. With single layer media, I’ve always ripped DVD Shrink and burned with DVD Decrypter Can I continue to use these tools to DVD Decrypter to burn DL media? Is there something better?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Your BenQ 1620 will support DVD+R DL @ 2.4x (and maybe also 4x, depending on the firmware), IIRC.
Use Verbatim DL media. Its compatibility is still unparalleled.
ImgBurn is the successor of DVD Decrypter’s burning engine.