BenQ 1620 Disappearance. Not in "My Computer" any more

I had left an 8cm size CD in the BenQ 1620 when I powered off the computer yesterday. When I powered up, the 1620 was gone. Record Now gave me the first clue with a message about having no drives. There were no optical drives in “My Computer.” And, there were no optical drives listed in Device Manager.

So, I removed the 8cm data cd (drivers for a Prolific USB to serial converter disc) and I put in a DVD on Ricoh 02, Ritek +R 12cm media. The drive did not reappear. With the disc still in the drive, I powered off the computer and powered it back on. The BenQ 1620 has now reappeared.

Weird, isn’t it? Has anybody else had this happen?

Probably windows has disebled your benq(already happened to me)…check it in hardware setting