BenQ 1620 compatible with?

I’m convinced i need to get a BenQ1620 drive. Anyone know what software I’ll have to buy to backup DVD’s that will work with the BenQ1620.

You dont need to buy any software the great DVD-Shrink is all you need and is free. (Elby’s CloneDVD2 is worth a mention for a commercial product also because it can remove video streams and keep the menus intact but for full backups of DVD’s without stripping anything out DVD Shrink is the king in my own opinion)

If you have Nero or DVD Decrypter installed DVD Shink will give the option to burn straight to disk after its done processing the original DVD.

Guides on how to use can be found here,

@8T8: Great post. I’d also recommend DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter if you’re not wanting to buy software right off the bat. The Nero Suite has a good arsenal of tools in it for backing up DVDs as well. NeroVision Express 3 has a new version of Nero Recode 2 in it (Similiar to DVD Shrink) that is very fast and the quality seems to be good from what I can tell so far out of it. I use both CloneDVD2 and Nero Recode 2 myself but don’t really have a preference of one over the other. They both do a nice job. :slight_smile: