BenQ 1620 Cannot Read any Blank DVDs

I just bought a BenQ 1620 DVD burner. When I put any blank DVDs + or - into the drive nothing happens. It doesn’t autorun and doesn’t detect it either. But Normal CDs, Blanks CD, Original DVD Movies and Burnt DVD movies can autorun and detect.

Took the DVD Burner to the computer shop, tested it, and found no problems, tested with all the blank DVD discs… works fine. Then put the Burner back into my computer, nothing happens. What can be the problem??

Things I have done…

  1. Updated Firmware
  2. Changed the Ribbon cables
  3. Even changed the IDE Channels (BTW my Hard Drive is SATA)

Here’s what I have
-Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ
-ASUS P4P800 Deluxe Motherboard

That is normal!


What I meant nothing happens meaning it’s supposed to Autorun and detect the Blank DVDs. But it doesn’t

When I try to burn a DVD Movie, it says to place the blank DVD. When I put the blank DVD -R’s into the burner. It’s doesn’t do anything. It just sits there. Doesn’t copy or burn anything.

What is the firmware version of the drive?


Have you tried the drive in another PC to see if it could be hardware / software problem s on your PC. Also make sure you uninstall any NFORCE IDE drivers as these cause problems.

this one had about the same problem
it was caused by burning software conflict


RE Installed the software, Same problem. I even tried to reinstall the O/S with another Hard Drive and still no result.

When I put in a blank cd or dvd nothing happens except for the mouse cursor showing busy for a few seconds. Do you have the IMAPI disabled in Services?

Where is the IMAPI part located?

Go to my computer, control panel, admin tools, services. Disable IMAPI.

Are the discs deteced in NERO. Use the Recorder > Disc Info menu to see if the discs are deteced. Windows doesnt always do anything when discs are detected. Also could it be your PSU, the BenQ 1620 is sensitive to power requirements from what i have heard.

Can you also post the txt output (click the save icon) from Nero InfoTool and post it as an attachment.

When you did a clean install with the OS on another HD did you install anything prior to testing the writer with a blank disc ?