Benq 1620 bad flash ... help if possible



Just flashed my benq 1620 with the 1621 f/w (47L9.cvt) hopping to make work on my ext.usb case…bad luck … the drive is not working any more the system restarts if connected to IDE or shows a “?” in the devices when in the usb case…
Is my good old benq lost for ever ? :sad:
the only hope i have is if there is a dos flasher cause the bios recognise the drive as 1621… so i maybe could change it back to 1620…
Help if you can!!! :frowning:


i believe you meant EW162I, anyway its not wise to update your drives firmware with a firmware of other drive (unless you read on several posts that some ppl did it with success) or that your drive is some rebadge of another drive , and the problem in the first place was your ext case not the firmware, imho you shouldnt have tought that firmware is the problem in the first place , anyway afaik benq have no dos flasher so youll have to rma or get a new one , but i dont think they will agree to replace your drive if youll rma it they just might find out the firmware is of another drive


You may want to check these two links to see if you can find anything that helps.
Saw something about a DOS flash on the first link I posted, it refered to TDB link, I have never used or wasn’t aware of it ill now. Hope you find what you are looking for.:slight_smile:


downloaded the flasher… i’ll try it and post…back in 5’


Many thanks to the D. Brothers for the flasher… it worked fine …also thanks to crossg for the links … thanks man!!! my benq is working again!!!


In general it is no problem to use the 47x9 firmwares instead of the B7x9 firmwares on a Benq1620. Was your drive connected to an IDE port or to your external usb enclosure when the flash went wrong ?


It was connected as an IDE drive when i flashed with the 47L9.cvt … have problems with my ext.usb case + benq1620 that’s why i flashed it…(nec 3500,nec3520,nec3540,plex716a and toshiba 5372 work fine in the same usb case…)


Glad your drive is back. Just to pass on my experience, I have found the quality of the 47L9.cvt firmware burns was so bad that the increase in speed was not worth it. I would suggest that you consider a Plumax case. The cost is minimal and it will allow you to use quality firmware at 16X.


That’s looks like a very good case! Too bad I cannot get it here in Canada from that site :frowning: