Benq 1620 B7W9 - CD-RW problems?

Have used my Benq 1620 drive very successfully for DVD+RW/-R/+R with the various BIOSes over 2004/05 and am at B7W9 and NOT noticing any issues with writing DVDs which I do most weeks.

However have just tried CD-RW’ing for the first time for months and having MAJOR problems with all my stock of CD-RWs, ie
Sony 1x 2x 4x brand-new
Sony 1x 2x 4x previously used okay (few months back with A prior BIOS)
Fujifilm 1x previously used okay (few months back with A prior BIOS)

An example error:
Firmware B7W9
Current Disc: 4x CD-RW (Ricoh Company Limited (OSJ 972700)) = new Sony

Sonic Record Now! v7 Build 720B35Z Engine 202b50a,42 Version: v7.21

If do Erase Disc:
Stops around 33% through progress bar
Error: There was was problem erasing the disc. Your media may be scratched…

Advanced shows:
Sense: 03 ASC: 72 ASCQ: 01 (Command 00)


ANY ideas/thoughts ?
Did they forget about CD-RW with the B7W9 ?
Is a specific prior BIOS going to solve my probs ?
Or is it likely to be a HW problem that’s developed with CD lasering ?

Thanks for any assistance.

Sorry, from what I have read not all 1-4x speed CD-RW’s are supported by 1620/1625/1640 drives. :sad:

Here they say these burn speeds are not supported at all.
“The DW1620A supports 16X CLV, 24X P-CAV rewriting speeds with Ultra Speed Rewritable Media (US-RW). The drive also writes at 4X/10X CLV with HS-RW discs, while NS (1~4X) CD-RW media is not supported…”

Note though, I have no problem to burn RiTEK Branded CD-RW at 4x speed on my BenQ 1620 when on B7V9 firmware.
C2 errors at end are high.