Benq 1620 B7T9 - Why is QSuite 2.1 not working?

I get the error “Firmware or product not supported”.

What is the problem:

  1. The QSuite version?
  2. The firmware version?
  3. The RPC1- and Speed-Patch in the firmware (done by MCSE)?
  4. Something completely different?

I searched the forum and the BenQ-Pages for over an hour but didn’t find anything regarding that topic… Thx for any help!

because it is only supported with the BENQ 1640 drive. you can only use QSUITE 2.0. someone can correct me if i’m wrong. :wink: you could also upgrade your 1620 to the latest firmware.

The tip with the firmware update was good!

For anyone encountering the same problem:

Qsuite 2.1 runs with DW1620 on B7W9 firmware (including region-free and riplock-free patches)!

More precisely, QSuite2.1 works with 1620 firmware B7V9 and newer (p.14 QSuite2.1 manual [thanks to zebadee])

RPC1 firmware and/or MCSE speed-patch has nothing to do with it. :slight_smile:

exactly what pinto2 says is true :slight_smile: