BenQ 1620 audio playback problem


I have a BenQ 1620 bulk version just over a month now. The problem is that it skips during analog audio playback. Should I return it? Can I do that? I mean, I don’t know how the drive performed out-of-the-box because I’ve flashed it to G7P9 first (it came with G7C9). Although I don’t think this could be the reason.

Do it only skip with one audio disc or all disc.

Could be a protected audio disc.

Can it read other disc. dvd-rom, dvd+/-r, cd-rom

Do it burn cd-r abd dvd+/-r fine.

Hi, jbv!

The thing is that it skips on all audio discs I have (mostly original). It’s not about audio protection because I don’t have such discs. Data discs are read normaly and burned fine. I had problems with audio discs recorded on TEAC CD-W512EB – if firmware < B7S9, the drive couldn’t recognize them. (?)

Thank you.