Benq 1620 at Newegg -- Read before you buy!

First the good news…newegg has the benq 1620 (retail & extra black bezel) back in stock for $70.99 w/ free shipping and $10 MIR through benq. Total cost $60.99 … :wink:

Now the bad news…according to the rebate an actual sales recipt is required. Packing slips or order conformation are NOT accepted. As this is all newegg provides, if you buy this drive from newegg your MIR will be rejected!!! :a

Now the good news…I called newegg and pointed out the blunder and they took the $10 off the price of the drive. So, total cost delivered is still $60.99. If you order one before they take the rebate link off their site you should also be able to get the $10 off. Best price I’ve seen for the retail w/extra bezel. :bigsmile:

“Why? Said the spry little fly.”

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I doubt this will hold up for very long. I have used the receipt provided by NewEgg for rebate purposes before. You know, the one they email you after your order ships? Yeah, that one. I just print it out and include it with the rebate form and the UPC, no problem.

And if you don’t want to fool with the rebate, just order the Nu for $61 shipped, no rebate.

Now why wouldn’t the packaging slips and what not be accepted in lieu of an actual receipt? I mean, those are THE receipts (your confirmation, etc.). Very strange.


The rebate form SPECIFICALY states that the type of receipt newegg provides is insufficent. The newegg rep also agreed with me…

I would much much rather have a retail benq with the extra bezel and software than the nu any day…

Just providing fair warning and a way to avoid the MIR.

Read it for yourself:

well, i just ordered this off newegg this morning, and i called them to ask about the rebate. The rep sent me an email with the sales reciept. I read to her what it said exactly in the rebate form, and she said that this will work. So i’m taking her word for it…

If the receipt that newegg provides is insufficient, where then can you get a sufficient receipt?

I do believe that the receipt Newegg provides is sufficient. I am looking at one as I write this. It has an Invoice number, an order number, the order date, the invoice date, item number(s), description (complete with serial numbers), quantity, unit price, extended price, subtotal, tax, shipping, and Amount Paid.

In addition, it clearly shows Billing Information and Shipping Information. I have to say that this is one of the clearest, most informative receipts that I have ever looked at.

I cannot, of course, guarantee that this is sufficient for the purposes of this rebate. (There are few guarantees in life.) But I believe that it is, and I would have no trouble risking $10 on it.

As I stated in my first post in this thread, Newegg is not going to keep giving the $10 discount. And the message from ctg08 clearly indicates that I was correct, they are not giving the $10 discount.

There is nothing to prevent you from calling and asking for the $10 discount, but don’t be surprised if you are refused. One of the problems (from the vendors viewpoint) is that if they give you the $10 discount, what is to prevent you from applying for the $10 rebate as well?

here is what newegg emailed to me, saying was valid to use with the rebate form. hope this helps anyone else having this problem.

I notice that one has a barcode on it besides the item number - maybe that makes it sufficient? hehe I like that, lol…

Sales Person = “EGG”

Examining the receipt posted here by ctg08, and comparing it to a normal invoice from Newegg, the only significant difference I see is the barcode on this receipt, and the lack of a serial number.

I also notice that Newegg has gone up $2 on the price…

well…the rebate is still posted on newegg so i guess their reciept is sufficient after all.

ethical question: Would it be unethical of me to submit the rebate form and get an additional $10 off? what would you do?

Yes, I’m afraid it would be. You would be taking advantage.


ethical question: Would it be unethical of me to submit the rebate form and get an additional $10 off? what would you do?

are you that hard up you nee the 10?

no…it’s all about the “hardware game”. most of us play it. the endless search of the best deal on computer hardware. helps make up for all the times you got burned. like the time you bought xyz then saw it for half price the next day somewhere else…

its also about bragging rights…its would be nice to be able to say that you got a retail 1620 for $51 delivered. childish – yes, but oh so satisfiying :wink:

besides, i gota pay for all the cigerettes i smoke while i endlessly read posts here at cdfreaks… :bigsmile:

I just received my DW1620 OC2 just minutes ago (2PM Central 2/2/05) upon opening the retail packaging I noticed my new burner I bought from newegg was actually made in Oct 2004. My question is - Should I Be Happy With This or to me it seems that with newegg having them in stock then outa stock (on again off again) i was expecting to receive one made fresh off the stove so to speak like maybe december or even january? Also, if everyones posts are positive does anyone have a beige oem bezel that they arent using, or atleast tell me where i can purchase one, I don’t care too much for the beige retial bezel that’s on it and I dont want to use the black one that came extra cause all my computers are beige on purpose (hehehe I like beige computers)? and lastly exactly which one of my receipts (if you will) should I use to get me ten buckoroos with cause man I got me lots of email from newegg and the confirmation page that was suppose to print the day I ordered the burner didn’t print at all?

Who says that Benq is still making 1620 drives? Last I heard, the 1630/40 release was quickly approaching. Maybe they have stopped producing 1620’s and started producing the new drives. Just a thought.

i’m fairly sure that they are still making the 1620. the latest incarnation the pro (same as 1620 but different firmware) hasn’t even hit the us yet…