Benq 1620 as good as aopen 1648 for ripping?



I was looking to see what the benq 1620 (burner) could do and found that with hacked firmware it can read pressed dual layer topping out at about 14.6x? You don’t get much faster than that. So does that mean that it would do about as good of a job ripping as an aopen 1648 or a liteon 166?
On a side note, has anybody seen any aopens or liteons? I looked on newegg and they had 1 aopen dvd-rom but it didn’t give a model number. Is this a 1648?

For that matter, I didn’t see any liteon 166’s on new egg either?
Thanks for any help!!!


Yes at Newegg thats a Aopen 1648/AAP/Pro OEM model - I got one from there. They show the Aopen model number on that page: Model #: 91.4ED37.402
You can look it up on Aopen’s website and it matches.


Yes, 1620 with speed-patched firmware will read a full DVD-9 disc in under 10 minutes, and a full DVD-5 disc (±R or -ROM) in under 5 minutes. It also seems to do a better job when it comes to error correction, reading through disc defects without slowing down as much as AOpen ROM drives do. Two reasons why I gave away my AOpen drives (1648 and 1648 Pro).


Thanks for the help guys. Thats kind of a tossup. I already have three burners so a rom for high speed would be plenty, but then again, it’s always fun to have another burner to play with (not that I’m in any hurry to buy either). If I thought I could reliably get a benq with the ones that are on sale at staples I might do that (then again newegg could always run the retail benq on sale for 43$ again)? Decisions, decisions (about more crap that I really don’t need to buy).


I own an Aopen 1648 and two Benq 1620s. The Benq drives read slightly faster than the Aopen.