BENQ 1620 and Nero version?

What version of NERO is needed for the BENQ 1620 flashed to B7P9?

I have a problem in that I also have a Lite-ON 522446S burner in the same system as a BENQ burner but they both come with NERO.

It is very aggravating to buy to quality burners with NERO software but hte NERO does not play nice with each other. Will each NERO will only recognize the drive it came with? What a pain!

What are the options to resolve this?

You only have to install 1 Nero Software version. Just insert the disk and than the install setup will come up. look what version number shows up. Take the cd out and put the other Nero cd in the drive (it doesn’t mather which drive), look what version comes up when the install screen appears. Install the Nero version with the highest number. It won’t mather which version of Nero you install, all (rather new versions) will recognice your Liteon and BenQ drive. I hopes this helps you futher. Happy burning to you.

Thanks…is this true for OEM versions of NERO…I thought the OEM versions will only work for the drive they came with? That is the versions of NERO that I have.

I am wondering if the newest OEM version will also recognize the older Lite-ON 52x burner?

Any thoughts?

The OEM version of Nero has only less futures like Nero Toolkit which can be used for quality scanning of the burned disk. The OEM version will also recognice and work with your older Lite-on burner. I only have one tip for you, don’t use Nero, I have had bad results with this version. I use Nero and this version works fine.

cor808…Thanks for the info. I know what the OEm version of NERO contains I was just concerned that that NERO 6 OEM that comes with the I/O MAGIC (BENQ1620) will not work with my Lite-ON 52x burner.

Do you have both of these burners? Are you using the OEM NERO with both of the burners.

NERO states that OEM versions will only work with the burner that it is packaged with. That means theoretically you have to have two different OEM versions to make both drives work.

You had bad results with what burner using


I don’t have a OEM version of Nero, I got my Nero Burning Rom version from other sources :o . I also have A lite-on cd and a Benq dvd writer installed.
Nero gave me bad dvd burnings, after I had rëinstalled everythings worked fine again.
Why don’t you just give it a try, install the Nero OEM version you have and see if both drives are recogniced (I’m sure it will :bigsmile: ). Or just download a trailversion of Nero, there are so many sources to get Nero Software :o .

Thanks…I think that explains things since you are not using OEM NERO. I will have to wait unitl Christmas before I try that suggestion.

Is Nero version still ok for the latest 1620 firmware? I yet to upgrade my nero so I’m wondering if it is the cause of my not-so-good-quality scans…

There could be many factors that could cause not-so-good burns

internal vs external
external enclosure
your system
and the list goes on

Try to narrow down one by one.

So it’s gonna be your christmas present!!..Happy burning to you :smiley:
Everything will work out fine…wait and see :iagree:

cor808…yes, I will be getting one of these burners for Christmas. Actually I did all the research and know all the details. I was going to get the PIO 108 but then this great retail sale came along for $60. I started to do even more research on the BENQ1620 and decided this was the better burner.

My older brother will also be getting this burner for Christmas since my parents trust my knowledge of the subject. I maintain my fathers computers for his business.

I just want to get all my ducks lined up in a row before the day comes.

This is a great forum and I check it on a daily basis now.


Ok people I finally got the OFFICIAL word from NERO tech support in Germany about this issue

“With Nero Express from your NERO 6 OEM Suite you will be able to access both burners.”

Great news!!!

Are the Nero 6 OEM’s updates free?

Not sure on this…anyone else know?

Hi - AFAIK from v 6.0.x you can go up to v & no further.

from where can I buy nero for the cheapest price?

Buy the downloadable version and look for the upgrade options.

and how much does that go for?

Come on Swifty, take a look at the Nero home page and see what options they have. I’ts not forbidden to take a little action yourself. Your walking the easy way and you let other people do all the things you could have done yourself. I think that the only version you can download is When you wan’t version you have to walk other roads. I personaly have bad experiences with version I’m not angry on you Swifty, but you might take some action yourself to find out what your looking for.

Hi - older versions of Nero may be downloaded [legally] from here: