BenQ 1620 and future upgrades (4X DL, etc)

I’ve heard (read) rumors that the 1620 WILL get a firmware upgrade to support 4X DL, is this true?
What about the newly announced 8X +RW? What about the newly annouced -R DL? Typically does BenQ firmware update their drives, or, like Pioneer, expect you to buy a new one?


OC-Freak said the 4x DL upgrade was coming sometime in the later half of November. Pioneer will probably be the first to come out with -R DL, but unless they can make that stuff cheaper then +DL, then it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m not sure about 8x +rw, my quess is that will be a new model.

That means no DL-firmware upgrade for DW1620, but new burner DW 1620 Pro with 4X DL?

I could not find that news story on any of BenQ’s english websites, so I’m going off of a poor babelfish translation.

As far as I can tell, the article says nothing about not offering a firmware upgrade for the DW1620. Remember that BenQ freely offers a firmware upgrade for the DW1600 that converts it into a DW1620 with -R/RW support.

I would imagine that there will be a firmware to give the DW1620 the 4X DL capabilities of the DW1620 Pro.

I hope so. I wanted 4X DL, but liked the Benq better than the NEC, and since the review said that an update to 4X was coming in November I got the Benq.

Other people (Sony) are doing it, so hopefully Benq will too.

sony is doing it to, upgrade 2.4x dl burn to 4x dl burn?
where did you get this information?

Come on guy’s, BenQ is in the business to make money, this is not a hobby for them. They will give us an upgrade to 4x +R DL near end of November because others are. They will save the 8x DVD+RW for another drive. As for -R DL you can’t make it DVD-ROM so why on earth would you want it. It would hardly play on any players.

My panasonic RV-32 will play DVD-R and DVD+R bookset to DVD-rom. It was for its time a VERY popular player I have a pile of FUJIFILM03 DVD-R 8x that burn 12X and an happy that Benq made it that way.

Are you saying that your 1620 is book setting -R?

Right here:

ah thanks i missed that. i had read that other companies would be doing such upgrade but was not sure wich.
is that drive only used in macs?
does anyone know who makes that drive?

Here’s some news from Ian regarding the Benq 1620 4X +R DL issue:
[q]Good news. Here’s what our contact at BenQ said:

It’s true that BenQ is working for the 4x DL writing firmware for DW1620. After firmware upgraded, the specification of it (DW1620) is the same as DW1620 Pro which is going to launch next month.

Apart from the 4x DL and bundle software (Nero Suite), the retail packing is the only difference between DW1600 and DW1620 Pro. The production for DW1620 will be stopped once DW1620 Pro is ready.

Consider to the DW1620 users, there is a FREE firmware for such upgrade
which likes the FREE firmware for DW1600 upgrade to DW1620. In a word, both DW1600 and DW1620 users can enjoy the new specification (4x DL) of DW1620 Pro via an easy FREE firmware upgrade. [/q]

Are they the same inside except for firmware?

I’m pretty sure that the Sony is a rebadged Liteon 1633.

No my RV-32 can read DVD-R or DVD+R bitset to DVD-rom

This is why I dumped my Liteon ldw-411 and will never buy liteon again due to liteons lack of a firmware upgrade.

I love you BenQ!

I’d like to see a firmware with dvd+r and dvd-r reading at full speed, that way I could use it to read in my dvd’s to make my nec3500 copy them at 12X or 16X. I’m getting a Benq1620 because my nec3500 is a good reader and can read the discs at 16X to make my benq1620 copy them on the fly, but I saw the banq can read pressed discs at 16X so why not dvd-r and dvd+r so I can burn some discs with my 3500 too.

And if you have trouble reading a disk with your 3500, you can always try the BenQ cause I think it has better error correction capabilities.

It probably has better error corrections, the nec3500 is a bit sensitive, but nevertheless, it reads dvd+r and dvd-r at 16X, and as far as I know, the 1620 doesn’t, or is there a f/w out to do it?

No there isn’t