BenQ 1620 and Fugi TY02 @ 2.1X

I just recently burned a DVD-Video set to 12X with Fugi TY02. It took over 20min for the burn to complete which never exceeded 2.1X. Does this usually mean that the media was not good quality? I’ve had other’s from the same batch burn max 8X when set to 12X.

Usually there is another problem. Can you burn at higher speeds with different media? Is your burst speed OK, DMA on, etcetera?

I get a burst rate of 24 MB/s.

So the connection is OK.
Well, maybe you have a bad batch of media, but Fuji TY02 is usually very good. Did you try Qscan before burning, or a CD Speed error scan afterward?

I am using B7T9 firmware so Qsuite before burning wasn’t possible. I did run disc quality test and got 90%, which is lower than most my scores. I guess the problem is with the media quality and Nero.

Qsuite no, Qscan yes.