Benq 1620 & 700mhz



I have a HP Pavilion 6830 with
700 mhz Celeron
128 mg ram
4.3 gig hd

I’m planning on getting a Benq 1620 dvd writer and upgrading the HD to 80gig+

Is this setup good enough for using dvd shrink/dvd decryptor for movies ?

My friends system was taking about 3+ hours for dvd decryptor and another 7+ for dvd shrink. Is this how long it usually takes.



With your setup I would guess is good only for 8x or 12x and may not be able to reach 16x burn speed. Increase your memory a little bit (to 256 or 512MB) and definetely add more HDs.

Normally on my 2Ghz machine I can get 20-25 minutes for DVD Shrink (from Dual Layer to 4.7GB) and burn it around 6-10 minutes depending on burn speed selected. For your 700Mhz Celeron, I would guess you need about 1 hour of Shrink and few minutes for DVD Decrypter to burn.

7+ hours for DVD Shrink is not normal unless he is using a 486DX machine or older.


make sure the power supply is enough to


My p3 733 takes about 1 hr and 45 min or less to shrink a 7.5 GB to 4.4GB and about 8 to 9 min to burn. I have 512 mb memoryand XP sp1 with a 30GB and a 250 GB hard drives. I don’t use it muchany more for decrypting, shrinking or burning. I use my P-4 3.2 w/2GB memory to do all that stuff now. The 250GB HD is just used for movie storage.


Does anyone know if the benq 1620 still has trouble reading -R media burned from other burners non-benq ? or has this been corrected in a firmware. If not then is there another burner I should look at that’ll work on a slow computer.