Benq 1610 using benq 4x +/- media questions



I did a search and could not find anything. How good does the 1610 burn benq 4x media? Can the media be burned at 8x? and what is better + or -. Iwill be picking up a spindle of 100 disks so i dont want crappy media.



I wouldn’t recommend BenQ discs unless you get them really cheap. I bought 100 of the +R ones (media code DAXONAZ1) from FutureShop a while back and I’ve burned them on both a BenQ 822 drive and a BenQ 1620 drive and have not been particularly impressed. The 822 drive burns them at 8X and the 1620 drive burns them at only 4X, and while the burns are not all that bad, they’re not the greatest either - just middle of the road.

Most BenQ drives strongly prefer +R media, so I would presume the 1610 drive does as well.

Cheaper media that I like to burn on my 1620 includes 8X Smartbuy Prodisc R03 media ($23.99 Cdn / 50) and 8X Ridata R03 media ($25.99 Cdn / 50). I get great results with either of these discs.


its boxing day sales tommorow 100 disks for 39 bucks canadian… cant pass that up


Things to consider before buying these discs:

  1. Your burn speed will likely be limited to 4X instead of 12X.
  2. your quality might be poorer than what you would get at 12X for other discs that are only slightly more expensive.
  3. How long will it take for you to burn 100 discs? I’m presuming that if 4X is sufficient, you don’t burn all that many DVD’s. Since DVD prices are continually dropping, it doesn’t really make much sense to stock up on 100 of them - particularly slow burning ones.


I had excellent results (10 successes out of 10) witn the NeXtech dvds burned at 8X with the BenQ dw1610 (firmwareB8B9). But they are a bit expensive and started using ‘what brand is that?’ cheap discs burnable at 4X: result: for every 2 discs good, one spoiled (in total I burned 17 good out of 27). I upgraded the firmware to B8M9 and finaly coud get that difficult one done. Definitely, next time I will buy the more expensive ones, and NeXtech is the one I recomend.