BenQ 1610 B8M9 cvt file

hey!, umm im new to this sorta stuff but i used BQflasher to crossflash my 1610 drive to something else that i shouldnt of (i know stupid me, long story) and it totally screwed it up and it wont even eject now, well when i tried to use BQflasher to put it back to normal, bqflasher wont recognise my drive anymore! so now i have to use WINDWFLASH and i reallllllly need the cvt file for B8M9, does anybody happen to have a copy i have searched alll over and cant find one, thanks sooo much

is a 1610> 1620 crossflash possible?

Looks like ScALiSe already tried that… :wink:

IIRC 1610->1620 is no go. 1610 CVT firmware is needed to restore the drive.

ScALiSe, check your PM.


THANKS ala42 for the cvt file, your my hero!!! :smiley: <3

Can anybody send me BENQ 1610’s cvt?
Because my drive is out of broken…
(in crossflashing 1620pro…)

thanks for your kindly help
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We have B8M9 somewhere, but have the B8S9 CVT posted. This should suffice.

Brother Vlad

Is there any difference between Benq dw1610… and dw1610A… firmware?

… I have done a lot of searching and haven’t found any info…
I want to update the firmware for the 1610 but only found firmware for 1610A
dumb question maybe… but appreciate any feedback

oops sorry i posted the above , in the wrong area… (newbie)… )-;