Benq 1610 Acting weird!


Here is my problems! I got a Benq DVD Burner 1610, up until now i was only able to burn DVD a 4.x Max. But thing have go better (in some way). By Using Kodak DVD+R 8X i can only burn at 4X (pay 60$ CND for 100 at Future Shop. I just got BenQ DVD-R 8X (pay 60$ for 200 at future shop) now look at this. I can burn those CD (BenQ Label, MFG ID: Sony)at 16X no problems (4 mins per DVD), but i can only read DVD (any kind of DVD (Burn or ROM) at 8X! ) how is that possible?

I using WinXP SP2 Fully patched, a Gigabyte GN400-L mainboard (nFOrce 2) with last Bios, Benq 1610 with last firmware. 256 Megs ram and and Nreo Last Version.