BenQ 1600 vs 1610 vs 1620?

Does anyone know what the differences are between the 1600, 1610, and 1620 :confused:

The 1600 is a transitional product that has + only but with a free firmware in a couple of weeks with give it - too and will make it into the 1620 - the 1620 does +,-, and DL. The 1610 doesn’t do DL is about $10 cheaper …woop de do!

seems to be same scenario as the 800-822-830. 3 drives seem to be the same with different fw

As I understand from my friend, they are just physically same but different fw. 1610 was nature borned poor supporting on -r. means even if you update it to 1620, it doesn’t support -r well.

could not say since there is no official fw for 1620 that supports -r media

FYI - for the heck of it I called BenQ USA and talked to an Iylene in the reseller department and she said she was seeing DW1620s in stock on her computer. So maybe we’ll see some DW1620s show up soon in the market. Wish they’d do 4x DL though. :frowning:

According to emporer at cdrinfo benq stated that the 1610 has different hardware form 1600/1620, but this has yet to be tested by opening the drives.