BenQ 1600 Problem

ey… i just turned my computer on and the cd rom drive isnt opening at all and there is a cd still in there and it isnt even reading that.

i restarted the computer and the light just keeps flashing green until windows starts up and then it stops… i push the button to open it and nothing.

ive tried ejecting it from explorer and a few other programs but windows lags for a little bit and then nothing.

any idea what it could be?

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Please provide more information about your burner and compu hardware. Information about OS and burnings progs is also useful.
With help of Nero InfoTool you will be able to get most of the relevant hardware information. :slight_smile:

im pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff.

what do you wanna know and where do i find it?

ahah im not very good with computers.

BenQ 1620s have a problem with defective chips that cause sudden death. If yours is connected to a good power supply and it won’t open it has probably died and you need to send it for replacement. Both of mine died the same death.

BenQ support is (866) 600-2367

the computers brand new… i only got it like two weeks ago.

would it die that quickly?

Yah, that is the problem. A few months ago there was a thread where users posted how long their BenQ lasted before it died. Mine died in 3 weeks. Make sure you try it on another computer or at least on another power connector before you send it back. Also use a paperclip to open the drive and then close and see if it may recycle and work again. Otherwise, join the large group of BenQ users who have dealt with this problem. The good news is that BenQ sends back replacement drives the same day.

i opened the cd rom drive and took the cd out but nothing.

before when i started my computer up the green light would flash… now there is nothing… like its completey dead.

also i got the model number wrong… its a DW1620… not a 1600… my bad.

i just tried installing new fireware for it… and whilst doing that the red light on the drive was flashing so im guessing that there is some power to it.

also when i restarted my computer after the upgrade it said it has detected new dvd drive and came up with my model in there.

haha is that info useful?

I assumed it was a 1620. Does the door open when you push the burron? If not then it is dead.

ahah nope… push the button and nothing happens.

i rang the palce i bought it off… taking it back in monday so they can fix it.

Too bad. Some people here have had to go through a few. After I got over being “stung” and going through two replacements I have been content. BTW, the TDK TTG02 and TYG02 both burn very well on the 1620 with B7V9 firmware. I haven’t tried the YUDEN000T02 yet.

Make sure that the power suplly plug (the one with one red, one yellowand two black cables) makes a good conection. It happens sometimes.