BenQ 12X CD-RW only at 10X

I have a benq cd -rw media which is rated 12x rewrite speed but on my benq 1640 i only get 10x as the max write speed. Is this media 12X or a 10X one?

I can’t answer your question but I can tell you that I’ve had exactly the same experience with various bands of 12x CDRW media and in various burners. It’s never really bothered me enough to look into exactly why it happens but I can confirm that it does. My experience with 12x media is that 10x is offered as the max speed more often than not.

I also have had the same experience with 12x CD-RWs as uart. Never bothered me either as long as they burned faster than 4x.

Depends on firmware of the drive-Usually that happens on DVDRW drives using CD-RW media

I have another CD-RW drive and in that also i shows 10X only. The point is 12X will reduce the burning time by atleast a minute :slight_smile:

The key thing to keep in mind that the drive, not the media, decides how fast the disc will be burned.