Benefits of SDRAM memory upgrade?

I have a Pentium III 800 mhz laptop running Windows XP Home Edition. My computer has two memory bays and currently has one 128 mb SDRAM SO-DIMM module in it.

What performance increases could I expect by adding an additional 128 mb of SDRAM? Maximum capacity is 512 mb; how much additional benefit would that doubling of memory produce.

Should I try and always match the amount in the two memory bays (i.e. is adding a 256 mb SDRAM to my current 128 mb SDRAM not recommended?)?

What are good brands of SDRAM for my laptop?

You should have at least 256 with XP so yes i think you’ll see some benefit if you upgrade. You Should be able to add 256 meg to the empty bay but im not absolutely sure especially in laptops. Good memory brands are PNY, Kingston, Corsair.

XP holds program kernals in RAM as long as it has enough to go around, so the second time you open a program you will hot have to wait for the HD to load it. The kernal gets flushed if XP needs the RAM space for something else. This is where you will see your biggest difference with more RAM. The more you have, the more the OS uses for such functions. In other words, XP actually uses the RAM, unlike 9x did. I recommend 384-512 as a minimum to get the full benefit of the way XP works, but 1024 will nearly eliminate the need for paging file use.

Hi Rdgrimes:

My laptop’s two bays can hold at a maximum 256 mb each (i.e. max total capacity 512 mb).

The most cost effective upgrade for me is either one additional 128 mb or 256 mb SDRAM module. Is there any disadvantage to a mismatch between my current 128 mb SDRAM and a new 256 mb SDRAM?

Also, are SDRAM prices (my computer uses PC-100, non-parity, Cl-2, SDRAM SO-DIMM) stable, or should they continue to drop significantly over time? Is Crucial Technology the brand to get?

Is there any disadvantage to a mismatch between my current 128 mb SDRAM and a new 256 mb SDRAM?

That depends on your board, check with Crucial on that.