Bencole Platinum Series 4xDVD+R Discs, Quality?

Hello everyone,
New here. Have a question for you guys. has the above for .69ea.
Any comments as to thier quality?
Using Lite-on 811S with 8HS0E firmware.
Just got into this DVD stuff and want to know what my options are as far as DVD media pricing.
When going to Best Buy and others places I’ve notice that DVD media is really expensive.(Duh)
I know from reading other posts that buying cheap meda isn’t always the way to go.
I just want the best price/performance I can get for my money.
I think everyone wants that, however there will always be those that buy the best when money is no object…aaa… thats not me.
I will be using a Samsung DVD player that plays any kind of format I can think of as my main player of choice.
When I do buy I’ll probably go with the + media as I’ve read many bad stories on - media using these 811s.This should change with updated firmware, no doubt.
Feedback please, KCMAC21

“no excuses, just results”- KCMAC21

Never heard of them, by that name anyway. Disc manufacturers often will sell their media to tons of different companies and then those companies resell them under a different name. What we need is who actually made the disc, not who is selling it.
If you can buy one disc at a time then you can scan one and give us the proper media details (see below for how).
They are probably some very cheap (crappy) media for that price and you really will be better off spending a little more money… the cheap stuff probably won’t be very compatible with older set top DVD players (if any at all)… but should suffice for short term data backup and such if it really is all you can afford…

Without that media manufacturer info I’m afraid no one here will probably be able to help you out more then that. (to check how to get that information see the first tool in the guide in my signature)


Don’t buy these discs - I made the mistake of buying a pack of 25 Friday.

Nearly all the discs I got have residue near the outer edges, some have it in other
places on the disc too, and there are other visible defects on the writing surface.

I’ve burnt 14 so far (HD backup, using no more than about 90% of the disc to avoid the errors) and not one has burnt at 4x - all ran at 2x.

The writer I’m using is a Sony DRU-500A, firmware V2.1a.

The disc manufacturer shows as ‘AN31’