Benchmarking Sowftware

What does everyone use to benchmark there CD-RW’s?

I’ve just OCed my 40125s to a 48125w with ZS06 firmware. But as I am not sure as to whether ZS06 is better that ZS02, I would like to find a utility that can put the drive through it’s paces so I can see the results without having to burn off spindles of disks and sit there with a stopwatch so to speak.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You only need to burn 2 discs. One with VSO2, which must be read/tested in VS02, and one in VS06 which must be read/tested in VS06. The one with the least errors wins. VS02 will be a little faster at 40x and below. VS06 will give you better media compatability. Judge for yourself which has fewer errors.

You can use CD Speed from . There are also some other neat benchmark tools there.

anyone know a nero cd speed - esc util that can test transfer rated at speeds that are not max [write] speed ?