Benchmark test in cd speed?

What does the drop off at the 4 g mark indacate? is it bad media at the edge, or what?any info will help.THANKS

It could be a bad burned media. Can you post also a scan (aka Disc Quality Test) of this media?

this is the dq scan ,burned good till the end ,whatdose it indacate?

The red spikes at the end of the disc are a lot of errors. This disc in my opinion is a coaster.

I suggest you to burn it again soon

At what speed did you burn that disc?

The disc would probably be unreadable in many (most) other drives, if the LiteOn scan is telling the “truth”. :iagree:

There’s always the chance or risk that the reading/scanning drive is bad, but lets hope it’s just the media.

I hope too :iagree:

I think that that media was burned @16x; maybe burning @12x will solve

i burned a diffrent one same results ? burn@12x same as above,BT 7 :00 useing verbs mcc 004 16x 2pif up to 3g mark, wether at 3or 4 g mark it go’s bad.using smart burn.

This burn is better than the previous, but it still contain some bad PIFs :frowning:

It looks like bad media! I had the same problems with MCC 004 and the same thing was happening after the 4 GB mark with all my burners Lite-On, BenQ, LG even with the Pioneer 110 and stopped using it. Gone back to using MCC 003 and found it a lot better quality.

they played fine in my set top ,but don’t know for how long?