Ben Q 1655, or LG GSA-H10N, or Lite On SHW160P6S04, or Pioneer 111D?

Ok these are the ones i’m lookin at and what would be the best for quality burns on dvd-r media? I don’t care about lightscribe, or reading, or speed as long as it does 8x :slight_smile: . I got an Asus that rips good. My new NEC is still giving me bad burns especially with Ty media from rima. So something is screwy I’m thinking after this drive if this don’t work I will buy a new hardrive. Maybe I just wore my hardrive out not sure. Anyways any advice would be cool. Maybe something that will work great right out of the box without any needed firmware updates. By the way Ridata is the best media i’ve encounter for NEC when it worked properlly. The old ones still work, and all the Ty are deteriating rapidly. Verbatim is good I still seem to have the best luck with the OLD ridata. Anyways I’m lookin for something new.

I use the BenQ 1655. I don’t really use the lightscribe feature, but it is a nice extra, if it interests you. I get 95-98 QS with TY & Verbatim media.

I am happy with it!

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: By the way welcome to the board i’m still a noobie here. That’s some good scores. I like using that media too ( because it’s the best??? I have yet to see it with my own eyes), but I never have any luck with it, or any media anymore. They all play it’s just they got these distorted picture glitches spuratically through the entire disc.

Also I don’t care at the moment for scans ( at least for now), or Ram. Just the best darn burn for DVD-r media. Also Add the Sony DWQ120AB2 to the list. It just wouldn’t fit in the topic header :slight_smile:

I no longer use any -R as I have never found a consistently good drive. When I went to +R, I found all my drives were equally excellent. In any case, if you are married to -R, the LG drives seemed to do a better job than any other so I would start there, with MCC 03RG20 at 12X.

Married to -r’s LOL. Thanks for the advice. I was really thinking hard on the LG, and then the BenQ. I see alot of people like their BenQ’s, and now i’m starting to read more good things about the LG pop up more recently.

my benq recently had the cd laser die. =/ i’m thinking about the lite-on SHW160P6S04 simply because i’ve had many lite-on drives in the past and they are on sale at newegg right now. the dvd laser still works in my benq so i will keep it as a burning slave. i probably just had a bad one, everyone else seems to love their benq drives.

Yeah I am kind of hoping to catch one on sale, or at least grab one with free shipping. Which can be better than one sale.

chas0039 I recorded this at 12x using that same media, and I used dvd decrypter for the program to burn with. I also tried something new I used Ripit4me&FixVTS for the very first time along with the usual dvd decrypter, and shink. Took a little longer than normal but this seems to be one of my better burns with my NEC 3550. I don’t know what do you think? I know The NEC isnt’ the best scanner, but here it goes. Doesn’t look to bad I will have to watch it on my standalone an see if I see that crazy distortion I get now and then.

Incredible vivid picture quality with no glitches. Perfect for viewing now I wonder what the scan would of been like with a BenQ, or Liteon. I wonder how you tell what’s a better scanner. One that gives a higher score or lower. Seems like the one that shows more mistakes would be more accurate… Anyways I think I will put off a new burner untill one is on sale ( maybe another week:)) . I would like to play around with this one now a little more. Maybe flash it for bitsetting. Haven’t with this one yet. Way off topic here folks ( sorry ). This drive could quite possibly be keeper. I think I was getting bad burns from not cleaning up my rip with fixvts. I think I will look into Lg, BenQ, Liteon, Pioneer in that order next purchase which could still be soon. If I can get one for 33 U.S.D. what the heck.

I have burned some of these and they are pretty decent on LG burners. Keep in mind I am very critical. I usually found peaks at the beginning or at the end depending on the burner, but 12X is the right speed. Sorry, of my 10 burners, not one is a 3550.

I agree, NEC is not a scanner, but based on your shape for the PIEs and the PIFs I would say you are fine. If I had to get some -R for some reason (though for the life of me I cannot think of one :wink: ), I would use the MCC 03RG20. They were much better than their 8X version and they are routinely on sale at Officemax for $15 per 50. There are two versions in the US, Prodisc and CMC. Once you can find someone with a real scanner, you should figure which one is better for your burner and stick with it. Some burners [I]really[/I] differ between the versions.

If you are interested in these and have not yet chosen a burner, PM me and I will post my best scan from what I have tested. Also, just to clarify, -R do not need bitsetting.


I have The LG and the Benq, and both are very good drives. The LG is a fast drive and uses P-CAV burning methods while others only employ CAV. But thats not important to you burning @ 8xspeed. If you are going to use top class media and only the -R format then the Benq is better marginly. If you was to use +R then the Benq wins hand down. Truth is ive never had a coaster with either drive on -R media and both perform well. Depending where you are the LG maybe cheaper and has the RAM option, but if i had to choose id say Benq1655.

Hope this helps :bow: :bow: :bow:

chas0030 thanks I may take you up on that offer. I got to thinking maybe a good scanner would be the wisest choice for my next purchase. Then I could find out what’s doing what the best. Not sure yet though. Mcstylist thanks for your advice as well. The more the better:)

You know what? I thought do any of these drives require an 80 pin conductor ide connection to run at their best? That would be a nice thing to know before one went to purchase a new drive. I’m am really leaning towards the LiteOn 165h6s now. Some darn good scanning with the media I like ( verbatim dvd -r 16x). From the review I read over at the LiteOn forum. Still may get the BenQ though. Thanks chas0039 for all the help. I just updated my NEC 3550 with Liggy’s 1.06 f/w. See how that goes I can buy some dvd+r’s now. :slight_smile: But I still got an itch for a new drive.

If you already have a Litey or Plextor for scanning, I would recommend you get the LG GSA-H10N. It is one of the few drives performing well at 16x, and supporting Taiyo Yuden 16x media.
If you don’t have a good scanner already available, get the BenQ. A LG GSA-H10N alone is useless.

Well if the LG burns dvd-r’s good it wouldn’t be useless. I can always get a scanner down the road. I want a good burner right at the moment, and if it scans that’s a bonus. Did you read the LitOn review? That to me looked pretty impressive for a 16x dvd-r Verbatim media burn. That media be in my favorite I thought it may be a good choice. I am getting to point were I dont care about the speed of the burn anymore just quality -r burn. As long as it’s not slower than 4x I would be happy. I haven’t had the greatest luck with 8x dvd-r Ty in my NEC’s for some odd reason at any speed.

I realize many many other people have… I probally would in a different drive. Who know’s? I just quite possibly might have a hardrive going bad on me. Rips could be bad, but I am getting 0 read errors. Sometimes I will get a descent acceptable burn loooks great. Then I will be real happy with what I got. Then BAM there are those pesky glitches in the video. Nothing wrong with the audio just the video.

Ok here it is folks. I took in to account all the great advice you all gave me. I am greatfull thank you all. :bow: I then read enough reviews to make my eyes blurry. I took into account “my” media preferences being Verbatim, and of the -r garden variety. Drum roll Please…

I chose the

Lg h10n :slight_smile:

Next purchase will probally be a litey for scans.

Yay I can go get some sun. :bigsmile:

Well I had a little time to play with it. Although I don’t have a good scanner I see a better burn. It just seems more stable to my naked eye. This is one fast burner, and I think it prefers a 16x burn with Verbatim 16x dvd-r media ( MCC) rather than using a slower 8x burn ( no 12x burns!). I can’t confirm this but it I have burned two of the same disc’s, and the one with an 8x burn had some pixelation, and the 16x didnt’. Now for the pixelation issue I have been having for quite some time. I literally wasted “hundreds” of ty media on my NEC drives experimenting. I don’t think there was anything wrong with them at all ( or the media). Actually the NEC drives seem to be built better than the LG ( a bit heftier build quality). I’m getting my pixelation during the authoring/ecoding process of shrink. I have some glitch when using shrink. I have tried using different versions, and all of them give me pixelation since the introduction of arCCos. Deep analysis helps but doesn’t guarantee a pixelation free burn. Even old non encrypted pressings give me pixelation from time to time. Never did before the A word.