Ben Q 1640 or 1655?

I have a NEC but its a little slow and I want a faster burner. I need it for DVD copies and Music or data. thats it.

I want it fast and good. I like this software package you get with Benq.

SO from the reading of the last 2 hrs I have come to decide on these 2 I guess.

1640 or 1655.

Any reasons NOT to get the 1655?

I have not been around here since the last time when I bought the NEC. 1 1/2 yrs later time to update the drive.

of course any other drive suggestions welcome.


Go for the 1655, no realy point going for the 1640 as to me they are the same (appart from LS) and the 1655 fixes some problems at 16x with +R discs.

Plus, you may have problems finding a true 1640 now.

thats about what I thought.

any others to consider?


I would wait out until the 1650 is avail. IMO, the LS isnt worth the extra money.

Yea, I agree with “qwakrz” the 1640,s are all but gone except a few rebadged ones.
The 1655 seems to be turning out to be as good if not better than the 1640. We wont
know about the 1650 for a bit but it looks like a 1655 without LS.