Belvedere's cd protection list

im curious about the list in general. for protection, are you trying to list by whats on the cd, whats on the latest version, etc? your protection listed for civilization 3 got me thinking this, because my original cd is protected with safedisc 2.40something.

also, ill scan / post all the games i have that arent on your list soon - i dont use microsoft office, have to read .xls here at school.

the excel sheet is perfectly readable in Open Office as well.

sadly, i cant find any diskettes around to restore my mandrake, and my bank just laughs at me when i come in to cash a check :(.

i’d install openoffice on windows…but it doesnt seem like a good way to wean myself off windows.

ckin2001 is correct, Civ3 is protected with Safedisc 2.40.010 my fault for putting the wrong numbers in.

The excel sheet is adapted as well.