Below Average TYG01 Scans. Ways to improve it?


I just got these TYG01 coded silver-top DVD-R’s from, they’re the ‘value’ series which I got for fairly cheap. However, the results aren’t very satisfying. Although the PIF and jitter readings are not bad, but the PIE is always above 30. I see other users having PIE under 10 for this media, how are you guys able to achieve this?

I’m using Windows XP Pro, which I newly installed with burst rate of 24. I unplugged my CDRW drive from the shared IDE cable, and the BenQ is hooked up on Secondary IDE (I think, I’m not very good with this - the blue connector one is hooked up to my HD).

I tried to do a strategy change using B7U9 firmware, but it doesn’t work at all. When I tried it using B7T9 firmware with TYG02 and MCC###2 strategies at 8x, the results become a bit worse.

Can someone provide me with a way to produce better burns?


what speed? And firmware version?

I tried several ways with following PIE results:

1/ 4x using default strategy with B7U9. (~25-35)
2/ 8x using TYG02 strategy with B7T9. (~25-55)
3/ 8x using MCC02RG20 strategy with B7T9. (~35-60 with significantly higher jitter)

just use the default ones…your results looks fine

aiight thx eleewhm, i’ll take your word not to mess around with the strategy, cause that one disc I burnt using MCC02RG20 is having a very difficult time loading in my PS2.

However, another thing I noticed on the burnt discs, is that the inner circle of the disc appears darker than the outer circle, the dark parts on all discs are around 0.7~1.5cm. I wonder if it’s the discs that are bad? Cause the word “value” line of TY really bothers me alot, I should’ve just buy the Fujifilm ones for 10 dollars more and get 8x ones… stupid me!

Use B7T9 and burn at 4X with either defaut or TY G02 strategy.
Works great for me., the Maximum PIE difference between 10 and 30 is essentially insignificant and inconsequential. PIE 34, PIF 6 and a 97 Qual score is an excellent, excellent burn. IMHO, why the fuss?

thanks, I’ll give it a try.

this is actually one of my better scans. Usually the max PIE is ~50. The reason I’m whining is because my other cheap DVD’s can produce similar burns at faster speed and cheaper price. I’m wondering if my drive is defective somehow, cause I burnt over 100 discs and none of them ever reached Quality scan of 98+, max PIE is always 30+. I dunno, I got some Verbatim 16X’s, I’ll give them a try next time, if they again produce bad results, I dunno what to say O.O~

Oh I see, you “worry” because you cant get >98% quality score. In that case, try Yuden T02 or TYG02 (both 8x rated) burn @12x. If you’re lucky, you can get a few TYG02 disk within the spindle that can give you 99% @16x. :wink:


heh, thats what i thought, but i already got too many dvds, i doubt i can use them all up within a year. but anyways, im not worried about the score, im actually more worried about PIE level. Hours ago, I just burnt another DVD with average PIE ~90 on TYG01 (2.5GB). I read it somewhere, PIE level represents the amount of time the DVD will last, i dunno if its true, but i guess i’ll have to stick with it. thx guys for the help!

anyways, attached 2 scans of the same ISO.
Although the burn with TY is evidently better, but the PIE level is constantly high, whereas for the Daxon media, PIE at the beginning is only under 20. (very high rising PIE is happening on all my Daxon media in this spindle, perhaps a bad batch). I’m just worried if PIE will affect its usage life. anyways :smiley:

Dude… relax. Go get a brew. Take a deep breath and prop yer feet up. Enjoy life :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think your drive and media are just fine; match made in heaven. Really :slight_smile:

I spoke directly with a local purchaser in a duping lab where they buy from TY, as well as others. He told me that the “Value line” discs were genuine TY media that had a higher potential for block errors and were not quite up to the standard of their premium media. I and others have burned quite a few of these and the general consensus in that these are worth every penny. There will be an occasional bad burn (2-3 per 100) but otherwise the results are top quality. It seems that the discs are not uniformly lower quality but that within a large number, a few will be lower quality. This is what I have seen also. Also, quite often G02s are shipped instead of G01. There is no way to tell what will be shipped and there is no way to tell from the packing.

hey, is your ps2 a slimline or bulky ps2?