Belkin Wireless G Router 29.99 @ BB

BELKIN F5D7230-4 IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, DSL Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router - Retail

Thought my modem was going bad because the modem lights kepted going on and off as did my internet conection. My linksys router looked to be running fine all the lights would stay on. So i called Comcast to come out and replace my modem when i was talking to them they said if the problem was with my stuff not theres i would be charged a sevice fee of $60. So the night befor comcast was coming out i canceled. The next day i went to BB and got this router to try and make sure the problem was with comcast and not me. Well it turned out to be my router :doh:

how good is this router? Do you know where i can find a wireless adapter at that price?

Seems to be working just fine. I like there skins and the options. If you want go to and read what others are saying about this router (this router is about $60 at newegg). I ran all the port probes at Shield-Up got 100% on the new router no leaks nothing open.

As far as adapters go i don’t know were you can get one cheap. My place is wired with cat5e cable so all my systems are on cable and this router has 4 slots for r45 plugs (4 systems) so i don’t need any adapters :slight_smile:

Kepted. I liketed that.

Kept. :o

Hey i was always one of the first to set down at the spelling bees in school. :doh:

Hey, how long will this deal last?

I have been running this Belkin for about 2 years or so, it’s been pretty trouble free. Once it started to slowly degradate the transmission spped dropping from 2Mbs to 110kbps. I called Belkin and they suggested reloading the firmware. I did that and the router has been trouble free since. Much better than my quirky SMC

Don’t know. They only had 3 left sat when i got mine.

Thank you for your reply. Im glad to hear what you said about the Belkin router.

My 2nd reason for posting this was to let ppl know that even though it looks like your leased modem from comcast is going bad because of the interment cable service and the lights on the cable modem going on and off but the lights on the router staying on and acting the way it should don’t assume that its the cable modem and call comcast to get a replacement only for comcast to tell you its your router and charge you $60 for just showing up.

hey i have this router but i lost my cd… does any1 know how to put up protection wit out it???

I’m sure you can find an online manual for it at their site.

better free shipping

can u send me the link to their site plz??

sry for 2nd post… but can u send me link?

Belkin is just like memorex, if you do a heavy download, it will lock up. Why not buying the product from a well known companies that have been making routers for ages or companies that are known for making network hardware

Yes my son got three different Belkins at walmart that did not work order d-link and had not problems.

Buy this router at

Use Google checkout, and your final, shipped price will be $34.98. When the router comes in, flash it with the DD-WRT firmware, and you should then be VERY happy with your purchase.

Good stuff Henry, I need a new router too. I was going to check the new wireless N routers but I think I will wait.:iagree:

I bought that router at newegg ($40 shipped) to replace a Dlink that nedded to be rebooted every half hour. Flashed it with DD-WRT and it has been rock solid ever since. Here is a link on how to flash the router.