Belkin hdtv cable kit, 50$ or less, ymmv

I cannot find it on their site, and the receipt doesn’t have a normal office depot item number on it, but it is this kit, but at office depot. The link is for reference only.

It rang 50$, but there were some that were hard marked 25$. I happened to have an office max 10$ off 20$ coupon (office depot takes office max coupons according to the terms on the coupon, so its may be good on technology), so I got it for 15$. There was no shelf tag (they had some that were not marked 25$ also). I seem to recall it being 130$ though (not sure on that), so if its clearance in the system, other stores may have them on clearance. If you happen to need the cables and adapter, its about 6$ ea at 50$ for the kit, less if you get it cheaper.

It contains, 1 12’ hdmi, 1 hdmi to dvi adapter, 6’ and 12’ component cables, 6’ and 12’ rca audio cables, 6’ digital coax cable (rca type), and 6’ digital optical cable.
It might be worth keeping an eye out for next time you are in office depot, especially if its marked less than 50$.