Belgium Telenet



Why can does man don’t speed up their installation time in the many cities around belgium. I have to wait until after 2000. And i pay me sick with Belgacom. One thing for sure when i got Telenet than I say with a big smile on my face “GO FUCK YOUR INTERNETPRICES BELGACOM”
Just want to get it.
Every day without, is hard to survive.
Anyone got experiences with telenet. Good or bad. Doesn’t matter.
Why do i have to wait that long.
Belgacom sucks. Telenet RuleZ


Correction, both Belgacom AND Telenet suck.


Some explination can be handy


Telenet is diminishing it’s download maximum every few months. Now it’s about 2Gb a week, I think. It’s just not worth the money. The monthly costs are okay (1500 BEF), but the installation costs are way too high (10000 BEF).
I’m waiting for UPC, they also offer internet cable connection, but for only 800-900 BEF a month and no installation costs.


I have to wait another 2years before telenet will be available over here, but in 4months I will switch to ADSL from Belgacom.
There are 3 formules:

1)999Bfr/month for a speed of 300kb/sec and a max. download of 3GIG/month

2)1799Bfr/month for a speed of 1mb/sec and a max. download of 3GIG/sec

3)3600Bfr/month for a speed of 1mb/sec and a max. download of 10GIG/month

I will go for the third formule because I already pay about 15.000Bfr/2months and with the 3th formule you may hook as many computers on the same cabel as you want, and in time they could speed up the connection to a max. of 7 a 8Mb/sec.

Here is where you can find when its available in every city


Well think the best way (if it’s stable) is a sattelite dish: internet through Astra satellite. OK it’s only downstream for the moment, so you need a cheap permanent connection for upstream (ADSL basic ?).
But the advantage ? NO download limit at all for all big leechers out there


What is UPC, could you give me a little bit more info.