Belgian political party wants to legalize downloading music

I just posted the article Belgian political party wants to legalize downloading music.

pipolala used our newssubmit to tell us that the Belgian political party, SPIRIT, has posted an interesting proposal on its website.

The main idea is that downloading and copying of music…

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Potverdekke, it’s great to be a Belgian… :4

Coming from one of the greatest opportunitists of all time, I don’t believe it. Just trying to attract young voters I guess. But I’d rather pay for music than having those losers telling me what to do.

I doubt that this will ever see the light of day, seeing that political parties have to work together to achieve such a thing. Besides, if prices of CD’s and such go up, why don’t people order them from a neighboring country over the Internet? There’s a whole world out there with cheap media, just that it’s ‘expensive’ in your own country doesn’t mean you have to buy it there…

Well although this move may sound rather pointless, at least polititcians are waking up and starting to move in the right direction as far as copyright goes.

hey is this a left- or right-winged party? :slight_smile: Well, anyway some good news and finally some people with a normal mind … See what future brings

Spirit is een left-winged party :wink:

Spirit is the minority part of the result of a three way split of the rightwing Belgium party “The Volksunie”. One of the two others became a new rightwing party, wile the third part allied to the liberals. Spirit allied now with the socialists(from the right to the left) but have no political weight or importance. Politics in belgium most be a interesting way to make money if you are willing to go from the right to the left in the hope to keep playing.

This is how it should be. People should be legally alowed to download and offer copyrighted music online, regardless of the price of blank CDs. Also the music industry should be allowed to put copy protection on their CDs as long as it doesn’t destruct someone’s property in an attempted copy. People have the right to make copy protection as well as people have the right to crack them and copy things as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone elses physical property. I believe property is only physical, not intellectual.

Well if I lived in Belgium they would get my vote :4

Well, some of the money you spend on blank CD’s in America already goes to companies like the RIAA an MPAA. Why? In case of copying. So they take their royalties and sue people anyway. But whatever.

If they have two wings could they fly over the Atlantic and SHITE on the RIAA or something! Only joking…

Forget all of this! No internet! No computers! Technology is evil! Capitalism is evil! Time for me to don my hooded jacket and sunglasses. I’m gonna go live in a cabin in Montana. :* bye-bye free market anti-trust federal bureau of information superhighway planned obsolesence the flintstones were far happier than the jetsons anyways

ROFL some people live in Dreamland, make the laws up as you go along. The “(insert media type here)” should be legal to copy line always cracks me up :d