Belgian copyright association sues major ISP



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"Sabam wants Tiscali to block access to websites that offer P2P software because people may use this software to download music illegaly. …

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Sabam sues Tiscali for offering music illegally (belga) - Belgian copyright association Sabam has filed a complaint against internet service provider Tiscali. Sabam demands that Tiscali stops offering files where surfers can download copyrighted material, such as music, illegally. Internauts download the material from the internet without having obtained permission from the authors, composers, or publishers, or having paid them for it, Sabam says. “The downloading happens via P2P-software. All Belgian internet service providers provide access to websites on which this P2P-software is to be found. If the internet service providers would block that access, that would put an end to the phenomenon in Belgium”, posits the organisation. That is what Sabam wants to obtain by filing a suit against Tiscali. “The result can be a precedent for other internet service providers”, they say.
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in the land ofr the free and the home of the brave damit oliwan you live in Belgium, stop that!