Being weird



Are you weird? Do you love being weird? Do your friends think you are weird? Does it give you advantages being so weird?


Where’s the underwear option? :wink:


No underwear option? Now that is weird :bigsmile:


I’m not weird, I’m “Unique” :iagree: :bigsmile:


I’m a creep, i’m a wierdo…


uses powers


I don’t think I’m weird, it’s those around me that are weird. :wink:


i could name a few weird people but i dont’ think i’m one of them



I only get weird about thong sightings and newbies that want to argue with ones that try and help them-eh!

(oh and my Bronx/Canadian language fetish-yo/eh!)


I can´t think of anything that´s NOT weird…in fact, there are just degrees of weirdness. Weird is the new “normal”…no, not even new, was there ever a “normal”?
Define normal first.

“And I´ve been seeing spots.”

“Have you seen a doctor?”

“No, just…spots.”


I’m special… With a capital “R” of course


Does the poodlehat have a lioncut? Or has it been shaved with a no.1, painted green and had a small golf flag glued to it’s head?


:eek: Someone is firing huge colourful fireworks right outside my hotel room window :eek: :eek:
Very loud.
It’s totally put me of what I was going to post :eek:



Spoken like a true Brit :bigsmile:


I would have been shouting it out of the window, but the fireworks would have hit me :bigsmile:


You Brits say Git’s? What is Gits? Bung hole? :bigsmile:


@Prof. - doh…mind you, I’ve almost been shouting the same at the 6 kids two gardens down from me, but I’d have been lynched if I had :bigsmile:


senile elderly person. Fits me fine. I guess i’m Git :bigsmile:


No “Guts” no glory :doh:


Blows raspberry @ rolling (Git :p)